Links to all of the great stuff listed throughout our site.

VR Headsets

Oculus Rift

HTC Vive

Gear VR

Playstation VR 

Sanitary and Washable VR Covers for Vive, CV1, Gear VR, others.

VR covers

Flight and Driving Controls

For flying games, there is NOTHING like a HOTAS but they aren’t cheap ($150-500)


For the Racing fans, you cant drive your car without a steering wheel and pedals!  ($299-499)


Not a controller but you will need to peak through your headset from time to time to type. this mini keyboard is only 6″ wide.



Bass Shakers Transducers


 Butt Kicker LFE is lightweight and compact Transducer



Clark Synthesis TST239 Silver Tactile Transducer Bass Shaker is a a great mi-range transducer for shaking your motion rig


Budget level bass shaker and certainly better than nothing.



Motion Simulators

Dynkit ($1,200-1,800 with shipping)  This is a kit but its virtually plug and play. Compatible with SimTools.  Review coming soon.

Blue Tiger Eleetus (Est $7,000-10,000)  Blue Tiger was recently acquired by Eleetus.  Solid looking machine but it runs proprietary software

ProSimu (Est $2,200)  Just ran across this but they appear to be an established company.

RacingCube (est $3,000)  Failed Kickstarter campaign but looks promising.  Pre-Orders coming soon.

CKAS (est $5,000-12,000) Platform based simulator.  Based in Australia.

SimExperience (Est $2500-15,000)  SimExperience is probably the best known consumer level motion sim you can buy.  Geared towards racing.

Pagnian Motion (Est $3,000-5,000)  Nearly bought one of these.  Small and compact and you just buy the motion system for use with your own frame.

TopSpeed Motion Simulator ($3,900-7,900)  Looks very basic considering the price.

RSeat Motion Simulator ($22,000-37,000)

CXC Simulations ($50,000-75000)  One of the best you commercial systems you can buy.

Elasco 4 DOF Simulators (Est. $20,000K and up)

SimRoom ($25,000 – 300,000)  The Lower end rigs appear to be RSeat based.

MyDreamflyer  ($2300)  This motion sim does not use motors. Interesting concept but seems overpriced.

Simtools Software (Free!)

Static Simulators Cockpits

Human Racing



Hyperflight (est $1500)


VR Controllers

Razer Hydra

Stem System

PrioVR  –  PrioVR is a whole body VR suit. Pre-order at $1250


The Leap controller will enable you to see your hands within your VR world.




VR Treadmills

Omni Virtuix 


Switches and Cables

Audio Related

  I used this somewhat pricey ($125) guy to easily control the volume mix between my music and PC Game Audio during VR Sessions.  This is part of my solution to avoid music spill over into the bass shakers.


Headphone amps aren’t much bigger than old audio cassette but can give your basshakers an extra kick when used with a full size amp.  Most under $40.




Use an Echo Dot or other voice control items to control your music from within your virtual world.  I use this in conjunction with the above amp and volume mixer.




VR Cable and Headphone Cable Mount Solutions

I used this nifty device to mount my Oculus Rift tracker\camera on top of my LED monitor ($19)





This mounting boom arm is my favorite yet.  Quickly adjust from my sitting position to standup VR ($53).


Microphone Scissor Booms are cheap but flexible in holding your VR cables above your head ($13 and up)




This is a very clean wall mount solution for stand up or sitting positions and extends nearly 40″ from the wall.


Use a retractable reel to pull the cables out of your way (in conjunction with the above mounts)