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VR Covers - Keep your VR Headset Clean! | VR Pilot

VR Covers – Keep your VR Headset Clean!


VR Cover for Vive

Choosing VR Headset Covers for your Gear

Virtual Reality (VR) products can be quite expensive – not surprising since they are the product of decades of research and development. Consequently, you want to ensure your nice new VR headset stays clean.   This is where VR Covers come in.  They are specially designed to protect the foam pad which usually hugs the user’s face.  As of this writing the only commercially available covers can be purchased at vrcovers.com.

VR Covers Available Today 

VR covers are as extensive as the number of VR Headset types available in the market today. There are models specifically made for the Oculus Rift DK2, Oculus Rift CV1, HTC Vive, and the Gear VR. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘universal VR Headset cover’ which means that you can’t just buy any cover and expect it to fit all VR Headset models available. That being said, you’ll need to ensure you buy the correct version upon purchase.

You will also find that these covers are available in all kinds of colors and material. This lets you choose the one that feels most comfortable on your skin. The waterproof versions are especially good when you expect lots of sweat, makeup, or moisture.

Benefits of a VR Headset Cover

So why buy a VR Headset cover in the first place? Most VR Headset headsets have soft foam along the opening designed to keep the user comfortable. VR Headset Covers serve a multitude of functions:

  • The cover prevents dirt from passing around one person to another during long term use. Imagine in exhibits wherein multiple people wear the VR headset on their head, causing all kinds of makeup, dirt and grime to stick to the surface. With a cover, you will only have to remove the covering material and replace it with a new one to avoid all the icky grime and sweat.


  • VR Headset Covers are washable! The foam cloth attached to the VR headset is not always removable or easily replaced. Hence, once dirt and grime stick to that area, expect it to be there forever. With the timely placement of a cover, however, you will be able to preserve that integral foam even as you use the VR Headset repeatedly. Once the cover starts to accumulate too much dirt, you can remove it, wash it, and place it back on the VR.


  • There is also the comfort angle which should be considered. The fact is that sometimes, the padding on a VR Headset is not enough to keep your skin from feeling raw and tender after prolonged use. A cover offers that extra material to keep the surface soft and therefore comfortable on the skin, even after hours of use.


  • Keeping a cover on your VR Headset also preserves its value, giving you the chance to sell it off at a reasonable price. With more VR Headset models coming out, chances are you would want to replace yours at some point with a newer type. A brand-new looking VR Headset will fetch a higher price in the market

All in all, a VR Headset cover is definitely a must if you love your gadgets. In the same way that you put a protective screen on your phone, a cover helps keep your equipment looking and working great.

VR Covers can be purchased at vrcovers.com

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