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HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset


HTC Vive Headset

HTC Vive Headset

When it comes to entertainment, the HTC Vive is phenomenal. HTC Vive not only ensures that people have a blast while walking around, but it also provides a fun sharing experience with family and friends.

HTC Vive features

There are no major changes between the previous and the new HTC Vive in terms of design and specs. However, the final design and specs details have not yet been released. The new design is more comfortable and much smaller. It comes with foam inserts that are swappable and a nose gasket. It is also equipped with adjustable straps and can be used with glasses.

Other new refinements and features that have been added include updated motors and a much better head strap. These two features are said to make the machine feel more comfortable. Now an individual will be in a position to connect to their Android and iPhone and deliver messages and alerts when they are in VR.

The service of delivering Android and iPhone messages and alerts is known as the Vive Phone Services. Just like the inclusion of the camera, the Vive Phone Services are meant to provide more time to people in movies and VR games and still keep in touch with family and friends.


This machine is equipped with a display that features two 1200×1080 screens. One screen is meant for each eye and comes with a pixel density that can get rid of the common screen door effect. With this features, the HTC Vive will have a resolution of approximately 1200×2160 pixels with a 5:9 aspect ratio. This is unlike most other headsets that have a 9:16 aspect ratio.

The two screens of the HTC Vive run at 90Hz. This is similar with the Oculus Rift but much lower than Sony’s 120Hz Project Morpheus. Also available is a front camera. This means that an individual can overlay the real world onto the virtual. This will open new possibilities when it comes to gaming for augmented experiences. Users will as well be in a position to move around without removing the machine.

The machine is tethered with several data cables to a computer. However, the final version of the machine is expected to reduce all this to one HDMI cable. This raises the question as to whether one will be in a position to add to the consumer unit any USB peripherals. Also available is a jack of approximately 3.5mm on one side of the HTC Vivo so that a person can add their own headphones.

When coming to controls, they are both battery and wireless powered and include a trigger button beneath each forefinger. Also available is a textured circular touchpad and a home button. The Haptic feedback will help individuals know when they have completed correct actions.

Motion Tracking

While its screens clarity is impressive, its motion tracking makes the HTC Vivo a must-buy VR machine. It has two infrared lighthouse cameras that are wireless to allow placing in a room’s corners. This allows a free movement in the living room while the headset is still on. Its base stations are now updated providing more accurate tracking. In addition, the base stations are quieter and smaller.

Games and Content

This headset has been advertised using many demos that include underwater exploration, cooking tomato soup, based on aperture science labs not forgetting a tiny battlefield peered down on by the player. HTC’s advantage over other VR headsets making companies lies on the valve partnership.

In addition, HTC has recently made an announcement of a possible content partnering with Lionsgate, HBO, the National Palace Museum of Taiwan and Google. There is no clear information about what this content partnering will involve but a film and TV style content is expected. This has the goal of getting people into virtual reality.


The HTC Vive lets individuals easily slide their lenses backwards and forwards to provide space for glasses. In addition to that, it offer individuals who don’t use glasses a wider view. This feature is great for individuals who wear them. When playing, the space has the ability to go back to its normalcy. All an individual needs to do is to stash their controllers and headset away and pay no attention to the tiny boxes that hang on the wall.


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