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Playstation VR: The Affordable Device to Watch in 2016 | VR Pilot

Playstation VR: The Affordable Device to Watch in 2016


psvrFormerly known as Project Morpheus, PlayStation VR is arguably the device to watch in 2016.Although Oculus Rift has the support of Facebook; it still needs a powerful PC to run the games.  PlayStation VR however will work well with any PS4 console, and keeping in mind that are over 36 million consoles out there, it is a very solid selling point for PlayStation VR. From the just concluded Games Developer conference by Sony, we now know the PSVR will retail at $399 only, putting it at about half the retail price of HTC Vive and over $200 less than Oculus Rift. Here is the tech inside PlayStation VR:

 The Headset

-5.7-inch 1080p OLED display

-100-degree field of view

-120Hz refresh rate

PlayStation VR is a completely different type of VR headset. Some VR headsets use high end PC’s while others run off smartphones. PlayStation VR will be used on PlayStation 4, which has over 36 million pieces sold worldwide. This typically means that PSVR could be an instant choice for gamers who don’t have high end PC’s for games or do not plan to buy one for games any time soon. The headset fits better than other VR headsets like the tight scuba designs of Rift and Vive. It is designed with a simple headband and gentle eyepieces which allow even the largest glasses to fit easily and comfortably.

Like HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, PSVR is a tethered headset that utilizes curved lenses to stretch and magnify its 5.7 inch screen across the field of vision. Like those 2 other VR headsets too, it utilizes sensors to show you where your head is pointing and where you are moving to. This means that regardless of where you are looking, you will be able to see a virtual world that you would expect to see if you really there physically! The games also run great and look crisp on its bright and clear display.


The Design

The PlayStation VR is arguably the most appealing and friendliest of all VR headsets. The molded white and black plastic plus the glowing lights are not so intimidating. It is relatively light and its large visor can accommodate even the largest of glass frames! It is also the most social of all gaming headsets available. Even though it runs on PS4, the device will ship with a box that sits between the PS4 and the headset to handle 3D bits. Another added bonus of this machine is that you can connect the small box to a television so that other people can also see what you are seeing .Being a spectator is far more interesting than watching what you are doing; this is a killer feature of this device.

You will need a PS camera for the VR, because that is how it tracks movements, this costs extra. Just like PlayStation move controllers, the camera will track the lights on the headset as you move. This works pretty well and makes it more sensitive. Although the retail price does not include the camera, which is important or the controllers, it is still a good price tag compared to Rift or Vive. By Sony’s own admission, the headset will not offer the most advanced VR experience, but it is arguably the most affordable given the hardware it runs on and the price.

The Controllers

How do you maneuver or control yourself when using the PSVR? Sony has been advertising the VR with some controls most people might be familiar with: The DualShock 4, PlayStation Camera, wand-like PlayStation move motion controllers and the gamepad. These controls were architected for the PS 3 console nearly 5 years ago. The PlayStation camera is capable of tracking the blue LEDS on the VR, the move wands as well as the bright Blue LED’s on the gamepad simultaneously.


The Games

According to Sony, there are hundreds of developers working on various game titles and the PSVR will have over 50 games when it is launched in October. The biggest games Sony has announced so far is the Star Wars Battlefront, nonetheless there are other exclusives peppered throughout the tech giant’s announced titles so far. Others include titles debuting for HTC and Oculus.


First Impression

It is very hard to compare how actually the PlayStation VR compares to other heads that are already in the market until you see them side by side, but PSVR’s basic package is really encouraging. Its hardware looks great, it is comfortable and running on PS4 means the barrier entry is very low, just like its price tag. Because of this most gamers will definitely have this headset on their Christmas list this year.






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