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Eve: Valkyrie is VR Eye Candy | VR Pilot

Eve: Valkyrie is VR Eye Candy

evevalkyrieIf you don’t know this already, games like EVE: Valkyrie are at the forefront of a revolutionary gaming future. This game does not just give lovers of first-person combat gaming a world full of thrilling intrigue – it also offers a gaming experience unlike any other for its bold use of technology. EVE:Valkyrie is designed for the Oculus Rift but will be available for HTC Vive later in 2016. True, there have been other great games for the VR platform, but this game is in a class of its own. Its achievement is two-pronged: firstly, it demonstrates how far gaming has come, and secondly, it shows how justifiable virtual reality can be as basic consumer technology.

VR Couldn’t Have A Better Advocate

Few games have exploited or demonstrated the potential of virtual reality as well as EVE: Valkyrie does. This game may very well be one of the few that finally make virtual reality gaming mainstream, and with a bang. This is because this game is not just an attempt to give a traditional game virtual reality compatibility – this game was designed for this amazing platform in every possible way.

The evidence of this is riveting, and the resulting gaming experience uniquely exhilarating. Everything in this game in relation to virtual reality has been considered to the last possible detail. EVE: Valkyrie is marvelously immersive. More than that, the captivating and fast-paced virtual world you will find yourself in will keep you hooked for hours as you pursue a surreal combat narrative complete with explosive audio, breath-taking piloting maneuvers, and an unimaginable level of mental stimulation, thanks to unpredictable hurdles and thrills along the way.

The One-of-a-kind EVE:Valkyrie Gaming Experience

The game takes part in a vast and still expanding EVE universe. As the player, your consciousness is uploaded to a central control point that lets you take on training missions, which come in form of “memories.” Once you know your way around this universe, you are ready for real combat. Being based on VR headset technology, the intuitiveness of this game is worth a special mention. Motions such as leaning in and moving your head have the same result as they would in a real world.

Other than that, the setting for EVE: Valkyrie, as well as its backstory, are nothing short of convincing. And to go with this is skill-based character progression. This way, the excitement for the player does not fizzle out with increasing experience. The ship upgrades also go hand in hand with this progress. The cutting edge visual rendering of course ties all these amazing features together with awe-inspiring brilliance.


Otherwise, in addition to having the chance to engage in both single-player and social multiplayer action, the game represents the epitome of virtual reality gaming by making the best of everything this gaming platform can offer. So, whether you are helping your team obliterate enemies with your Support Class ship, or using your Fighter Class ship to thwart your enemies’ missions, this game is every bit worth your time. Even your time on the Heavy Class ship, a mobile weapons platform for commanding sections of space, will be unforgettable and rewarding.


CPP Games, the award-winning creator of innovative and interactive entertainment options, has certainly outdone itself with its work on EVE: Valkyrie. What it has achieved with this game shows that the establishment, and the gaming world to some extent, is taking virtual reality seriously. EVE: Valkyrie was built from the ground up for use with virtual reality headset technology, a welcome rarity. Its leveraging of the EVE Online sci-fi universe also helps give this game strong credibility.


EVE: Valkyrie Redefining The Future Of Entertainment

Gaming is one of the ways in which virtual reality devices will eventually become a regular technological accessory. And with amazing games like EVE: Valkyrie to do its bidding, this entertainment platform has every reason to hope for a future of mainstream acceptance. If you are still unconvinced of the game-changing features that virtual reality is bringing to the table, try EVE: Valkyrie. This virtual reality game will overshadow your most optimistic expectations of virtual reality potential. Its splendid features and an immersive gaming experience will blow tame hopes about the limits of virtual reality technology out of the water.











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