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Virtual Reality - The Next Big Thing to dominate the Tech Industry | VR Pilot

Virtual Reality – The Next Big Thing to dominate the Tech Industry

mech_pilot_by_gedogfx-d8uulq9Virtual Reality (VR) is a relatively new term in the tech industry and is mostly associated with the gaming sector. The working concept of VR is rather simple – users are immersed and made to feel being part of a simulated world. The real world simulation (generated virtual world) is made possible as the VR technology combines the graphics aspects in an environment (videos & audios) and these are made to give certain responses when the uses interact with the given graphical components. A highly effective virtual reality experience is usually geared towards making the user to become unaware of the real life surroundings and put ore focus on simulated environment. When using VR technology, users mostly do prioritize the visual and audio components as these are some of the aspects which can be easily integrated in any VR situation. There is a need to incorporate various tactile responses such as sense of touch and with this we can expect any VR moment to be even more interesting.

The internet has been with us for some relatively long time and perhaps the question which most tech enthusiasts have been asking is what kind of technology will really have people talking. The definite pick is off course virtual reality as this technology is already having some huge impact on how the interaction between the real and virtual world. Virtual Reality has been becoming a major global driving force despite the fact that it is only it is in its initial test stages. Perhaps it is the gaming industry which has been the most actively involved in adopting the virtual technology and the reason is that it does offer an interesting way through which users can interact with graphical objects. Many other organizations are now looking forward to having virtual reality as part of their internal structure in that it can greatly transform the way some of the conventional presentations are made.

The tech industry has seen a massive opportunity in virtual reality technology and soon or later we will encounter many AR-based gadgets in the consumer market. So far, we have had many companies who have ventured into the business of making AR gadgets and this statement can hardly go without mentioning companies like the Occulus, Samsung and Microsoft. For instance, the Occulus Rift and the HoloLens headsets are taking the gaming industry with storm and this is an indication that even more players will definitely come and offer some competition. The pricing aspect won’t really matter as the tech gadget consumers (both individual persons and corporations) are willing to throw in massive cash amounts just to have a feel of how this technology can be used to transform the everyday interactions for personal or business benefits.

Though most scientific research works show that virtual technologies can be used for other applications like in medical fields and professional teaching it seems that almost all the developers have put all their resources into creating AR tools specially geared for gaming purposes. In fact any mention of the AR word will rarely go without some mentioning of gaming headsets. This shouldn’t be regarded as a negative trend as the gaming environment will perfectly provide a basis through which other applications can then be explored. From here, we expect that virtual reality technologies would come in and truly transform aspects like architectural and engineering designs, real-life simulations and even how we interact with gadgets like smartphones and computers.

How soon can we expect the AR technology to be fully rolled out to consumers? Well, the fact that some initial tests have been conducted is an indication that the major tech companies may be preparing to fully unleash this new trend. Manufacturers of electronics like smartphones and computers have endured a highly competitive environment and the only way through which the giant market players can get to maintain their big market lead is by perhaps making this technology accessible to consumers. So far, Samsung has introduced AR-based glasses some high end LED monitors and this may soon be extended to some of its smartphone models so as to save the already dwindling market share. The more emphasis being put on Virtual Reality technology is perhaps another strong indication that this technology will soon be available in tech stores and shelves.

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